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Sleep BETTER Diet: The Eating Habits of Hightly Rested People
In one study, researchers tracked diet and sleep for a group of healthy adults over the course of five nights and found that indeed, food choices during the day did affect sleep. The researchers chose what the study participants ate for the first four ...

Paleo diet may contribute to iodine deficiency
(Reuters Health) - Older women on a so-called Paleolithic diet – which tries to mimic the diet of cavemen living in the stone age - may be more likely to develop iodine deficiency than their counterparts who don't eat this way, a small Swedish ...

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CBS News

Diet soda makers sued over "misleading" ads - CBS News
CBS News
Drinking diet soda is a way to help you lose weight, right? Not according to several federal lawsuits. Separate cases against Coca-Cola (KO), PepsiCo (PEP) ...
These diet sodas are actually making people fat: suit | New York PostNew York Post
Are diet sodas helping or hindering weight management efforts? Soft drinks giants blast 'meritless'
Diet Soda Drinkers Gain Weight, Sue Coca-Cola and PepsiThe Daily Meal
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Kansas City Star

Michael Porter Jr.'s diet? Zucchini crust pizza and raw cinnamon buns
Kansas City Star
The Porter family had eaten vegetarian for more than a decade. And now, as Michael Porter Jr. and his brother Jontay prepare to play basketball for Mizzou, the family is transitioning toward a raw vegan diet in hopes of maximizing physical abilities.
Michael Porter Jr.'s vegan diet includes zucchini crust pizza and raw cinnamon

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Bon Appetit

This Healthy Native American Diet Has Stood the Test of Time ...
Bon Appetit
Chef Sean Sherman's quest to promote a Native American diet in today's modern world.

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Fox News

Managing diverticulitis with diet
Fox News
This may seem counter-intuitive since a high fiber diet is an important part of reducing your risk of relapse, but you can gradually increase your fiber intake after your colon has healed. In the immediate aftermath of diverticulitis, you want to keep ...


A Veggie Diet Makes the Most Lethal Breast Cancer Easily Treatable in Mice
In the trials with mice, the research team found that when mice ate a diet rich in broccoli sprouts and green tea, their tumors transformed from ER-negative to ER-positive and became easily treatable with the hormone drug tamoxifen, an estrogen ...

Baltimore Sun

Cutting SALT From the Federal Tax Diet
IRS image Larryhw/DreamstimeIn the quest for a better tax code, it shouldn't be difficult to agree that a tax deduction that mostly benefits rich people and subsidizes high-tax state and local governments must go. That's what the state and local tax ...
National Taxpayers Union - Who Pays Income Taxes?National Taxpayers Union
State and Local Legislators Urge Congress to Eliminate State and Local Tax Deduction in Exchange for Pro-Growth ...American Legislative Exchange Council
T15-0138 - Tax Units with Zero or Negative Income Tax | Tax Policy CenterTax Policy Center
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GQ Magazine

The Real-Life Diet of Dwight Howard, the NBA All-Star Who Allegedly Ate 24 Candy Bars a Day
GQ Magazine
I realized that that wasn't really going to help me in the long run, though, and that I had to learn about the right type of diet—the foods that give you more energy. But it takes awhile. I think kids now have an advantage because they learn ...

Why Kristen Bell stopped vegan diet to go vegetarian -
Kristen Bell may no longer be a strict vegan but she still supports the lifestyle. The "Bad Moms" star recently spoke to TODAY from the set of her upcoming Netflix ...

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